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    Who is Kelly Yang?

    Kelly Yang, Founder, is the New York Times best-selling, award-winning author of FRONT DESK and winner of the 2018 Asian Pacific American Award for Literature. She uses her experience in the publishing industry to ensure KYP's curriculum and teaching methods for writing are cutting-edge. "Effective English communication is the number one most essential skill for global academic and professional success. Whether your kids are going to grow up to be authors, lawyers, or businessmen, that ability is KEY in today’s world."

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    The Unique KYP Methodology

    Global Knowledge

    Understanding international issues is an essential life skill in the 21st century. To prepare for and compete in the modern workplace, we believe it is imperative that students understand global issues and current events early on. This empowers our students to take stake in changing the world around them. We never say to our students, "this issue is too complicated" or "we'll talk about it when you're older". We challenge and trust our students to handle real-word issues - and to think up real-world solutions in each lesson.

    Dynamic Delivery

    Our teachers are specially trained to employ a range of proprietary KYP methods and tools that best engage students with the material at hand. Every KYP class is dynamic and lively. There's energy and excitement in our classrooms. Thanks to KYP's unique lesson delivery methods, students never feel bored in our classes.

    Disciplined Work

    Results are key. Lessons should not only be fun, but should also focus on producing high-quality work. A crucial component of the Kelly Yang Methodology is to train children to write well, write a lot, and write quickly. Writing is like a sport; to get good, you have to practice. The more you write, the less you fear writing, and the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. Similarly, with debate, the more you practice, the less scared you are when giving speeches, and the better you become. This emphasis on output helps develop students' work ethic and better ensures tangible academic results: enhanced thinking, writing, and speaking skills; improved standardized test scores; and better secondary school and university admissions results.

    Emotional Intelligence

    We believe that to achieve in school and life, you need more than technical skills. You also need emotional strength. You need to be confident and self-aware, to know how to deal with other people, work in a team, have a strong sense of self and confidence in purpose. This is why a major component of every KYP class is building students up emotionally. We strive to get our students to be introspective by developing their emotional intelligence so that they can take risks with their debating and writing. This is the only way for them to truly stand out. It will benefit them not just in school but also in life. Thus, we are committed to molding our students into more mature, curious, and mindful young people.

    Engaged Community

    Love of learning is fostered in more than just the classroom. Our teachers communicate frequently with parents so that parents can continue the conversation after class. Furthermore, our students often share what they've learned in the KYP classroom with their community, by starting community projects and initiatives. When it comes to education, it takes a village and that village starts with KYP!

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