“It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Is Reading The Best Way To Help Children Learn?

Written By Seung June Yoon (Introductory Critical Writing) “People. Animals. Love.”, a Washington-based nonprofit organization, given the recent pandemic, has begun to hold online classes via Zoom to help children improve their reading skills by letting them read to dogs. This is just one of the many examples of reading which can help children to learn and flourish. I believe that […] Read More →

Is Cantonese A Language Worth Preserving?

Written By Max Wong (Advanced Global Thinking – Writing) Cantonese, native language for over 60 million people, is widely regarded as its own language, even if it is merely a dialect of Chinese. Many of its speakers are within Guangdong province in south-eastern China, which includes the two autonomous states Hong Kong and Macau. Due to pressure from the mainland […] Read More →

In The Digital Age, Is Face-To-Face Interaction Still Important?

Written By Ian Lam, Chinese International School (Intermediate Critical Writing) Imagine a world that is so convenient that you can lie in bed and go to school at the same time. You never have to worry about time difference when calling your family living in other countries, and you can contact them whenever you want. What a life! I believe […] Read More →

Astronomy Horrors

Written By Cathy Wang (age 10, SIS, KYP Intermediate Creative Writing Class) “Get in!” a gruff voice answered my knock. I stepped in. I was now in the observatory! “Wow,” I breathed. It was amazing! Stars dotted the sky like streaks of white paint. “Can yer shut up!” the annoying voice interrupted my thoughts. Opps, I thought, “Um, ok” Before […] Read More →

Is India’s Child Police Program Helpful Or Harmful?

Written Adrian Chiu [Intermediate Global Thinking – Writing] The child-police program is a program which requires children as young as five to work for the police force if one of their parents has been killed. I believe that the child-police program is not beneficial because those children are not being educated enough, working at such a young age is extremely […] Read More →

Officer Dog and Officer Moose

Written By Charlotte Fung, 9 years old, Singapore International School, KYP Introductory Creative Writing (ITR CW) “Ready, set, go!” Commander Lion yelled. It was raining cats and dogs the day before, making the ground mushy and some tress fall down; the perfect setting for a morning training exercise. This was a training that all new officers had to do, in […] Read More →

Should we have more female CEOs?

Written by Cheryl Ng [Introductory Global Thinking – Writing] Nowadays, many people think that men are better CEOS than women, but I think this is not true.  That is why today we are talking about why women make better CEOs than men.  I believe women are better CEOs than men because women have unique attributes that help their companies perform […] Read More →