Model United Nations

The Model United Nations class allows students to learn about global issues through simulating the United Nations and UN committees. In simulating the United Nations, students learn about current events, global issues, and individual countries. They immerse themselves in these issues through research, public speaking, debating, and writing. At the same time, they utilize and maximize important skills such as critical reasoning, teamwork, leadership and negotiation.

What’s special about MUN is it teaches kids how to compromise. Whether we are simulating the World Health Organisation or the UN Security Council, students must advance the interests of his or her nation while also responding to and compromising with fellow member states. Once mastered, the real life applications of this skill — the ability to reason, articulate, negotiate, and compromise– are massive. As such, MUN is truly a unique class.

Our MUN Team, the only inter-school team of its kind in Hong Kong, regularly attends overseas competitions, and members of this class are welcome to join the travelling MUN team. Our team has traveled to mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, where they have won numerous awards for Best Delegate, Best, Delegation, and Best Position Papers. 

Admission to the KYP MUN team is by assessment only. Please submit a recent writing sample to for review. 


Age Group: 12-14+

Locations: Causeway Bay

Duration: 2 hours

Days Offered: W, F