English Enrichment Courses

English Enrichment Courses

English Enrichment Courses

Our English Enrichment Courses are designed to teach students how to:

1. Think globally

Our English Enrichment Courses follow a global curriculum that covers a variety of current events topics. Students are engaged in thought-provoking and intellectually challenging discussions that encourage them to dig deep into the topic on hand and think critically about those issues. Students are able to gain international, multi-faceted knowledge across multiple disciplines outside of their school subjects that will equip them with a global mindset.

2. Write elegantly

Our writing courses cultivate students to become great thinkers and writers. In our creative writing and critical writing program, students learn writing techniques from how to create vivid imagery to more advanced literary devices such as characterization, conflict, and atmosphere. They submit an essay and receive feedback from their teacher every class. This high level of discipline and consistency not only shapes students into more skillful, but more confident and faster writers.

3. Debate clearly

Debate transforms young people into global people, from shy students into powerful speakers. It merges five essential skills: public speaking, critical thinking, logical analysis, world issue awareness and personal organization.

Our Signature Classes

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Creative Writing (5-11 Years Old)

Our Creative Writing curriculum turns students into young authors. Every week, students will compose a short, original story limited only by the size of their imaginations. Students will travel to distant lands, impersonate characters, and invent their own plots lines at every level of this course. Each lesson is accompanied by a fun, skills-building warm-up to help teach new English grammar and vocabulary or literary devices. Advanced levels will also incorporate literary analysis and help students perfect their stories to publishable quality. Creative Writing students will have regular opportunities to enter their own original works into international story-writing competitions.

Critical Writing (8-13 Years Old)

KYP’s Critical Writing curriculum teaches students how to write flawless, persuasive essays. They will master a strict essay formula that they can rely on at any time during their education, including in university. For each level of this curriculum, students will start the lesson with a debate on a new current event or social issues topic, and they will debate these in small seminar-style discussions designed to refine their opinions. They will then write timed essays (approximately 40 minutes per lesson) based on their original thesis statements and supporting points. Our Critical Writing formula goes several steps further than the current academic standard by also teaching students how to address the “Importance” of their points and how to write strong counterarguments.

Global Thinking (8-14+ Years Old)

This is our most popular and innovative course. By combing critical writing, debate, and public speaking/Model United Nations courses, students build thinking, writing, and debate skills simultaneously, transforming them into well-rounded English communicators. Each week’s lesson focuses on a recent news story, and students develop opinions on these issues and share them in writing and through speaking. These lessons also include exercises designed to foster teamwork and negotiation skills and thus develop the confidence needed to lead others in any situation. As such, the Global Thinking course is unmissable for any student pursuing an international education or career.

Lead to Succeed (10-11 Years Old)

Our barrier-breaking Leadership course moulds students into impactful leaders and teaches them how to respond to challenging, complicated scenarios straight from our rapidly changing world. This course is broken into two parts: Pitching and Teamwork. Firstly, in Pitching lessons, students how to deliver succinct, incisive remarks in a range of critical situations, like press releases, product pitches, and morale-boosting speeches. Secondly, Teambuilding lessons give students the opportunity to discover their leadership style – be it as a team leader, specialist, or task master – and solve a puzzle or defuse a complicated problem. They will need to analyse information and commit to decisions that may be difficult or unpopular. Every lesson will feature a public speaking, writing, and negotiation element that ensures consistent progress across several leadership metrics each week. Students will learn how to become poised, confident, and capable of tackling the many unknown scenarios that their future careers will throw at them.

Debate (10-14+ Years Old)

Debate is an intensive course that involves personalised coaching and training on how to argue persuasively about important ideas. Students will improve and refine their skills in public speaking, debate strategy and technique, knowledge of world affairs, and wrestle with major philosophical problems. Importantly, they will develop their confidence and determination while solving problems with only the power of their words.

Model United Nations (12-14+ Years Old)  **workshops only 

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation-based course that combines critical thinking, writing, public speaking, debate, and negotiation. Students will take on the role of delegates to a real UN committee and tackle current topics on the UN agenda. Through these simulations, students will learn the essential skills of collaboration and diplomatic speech making.