One-To-One Achieve

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One-To-One Achieve

Only At The Kelly Yang Project! One-to-one coaching with award-winning US published authors, Harvard & Yale graduates, Hollywood screenwriters, university professors, and admissions counsellors. We offer a network of world’s top expert in different fields, learn and excel with our One-To-One Achieve program anywhere, anytime.

“My son is now attending the second round of 1 to 1 Achieve program that he meets a US author online and have his writing sessions! My son as a local school student, I appreciate that Kelly Yang offers this course to widen my son’s exposure. Its fun, interactive and the content is customised… my son really enjoys! Learn online to keep my son stay safe under pandemic, great arrangement! Highly recommended! ”

– Suzanne, parent of one of our 1-2-1 Achieve students


Students ages 8-18!

Minimum 5 lessons.

Lesson Times: Monday-Sunday (7 days a week)

Times: 8am-12pm, 4-10pm (Hong Kong time)

Spaces are limited – call us ASAP to secure your time!

+852 2810 4822