Our Story

Kelly Yang, Founder of The Kelly Yang Project, is the New York Times best-selling, award-winning author of FRONT DESK and winner of the 2018 Asian Pacific American Award for Literature. She uses her experience in the publishing industry to ensure KYP’s curriculum and teaching methods for writing are cutting-edge.

For her efforts in education, Kelly has won: the California Legislature’s Woman of the Year, USA Today All-USA College Academic 1st Place Team. and ‘CosmoGIRL! of the Year’ from CosmoGIRL! Magazine. In 2010, The Kelly Yang Project was named ‘Second Best Small Education Company in the World’ by The Education Project Global Summit in Bahrain. In 2011, Kelly chaired the Harvard Book Prize in Hong Kong and served as a board member of the Harvard Club of Hong Kong.

KYP was founded in 2005. We offer 14 years of experience working with students across Asia, Europe, and North America. KYP is a globally recognised brand of excellence. 

The KYP Difference

A KYP education is centred upon the real-world skill your child needs most to succeed: flawless spoken and written communication in English. Schools are preoccupied with standardized testing and the allure of STEM subjects. KYP knows that the single most important skill your child can learn is to communicate effectively. We focus on critical thinking, writing training, and confident public speaking. We teach these skills through a global curriculum designed by a best-selling, award-winning author – and make it fun!

1. Think Globally

Students learn how to analyze the elements that drive current events, and how to speak and write about those elements with confidence and clarity. We tackle these touch social and cultural issues through fun, interactive class debates and discussions.

2. Write Elegantly

Students sharpen their critical reasoning ability and essay writing abilities through course work. Once mastering the fundamentals of essay writing, students learn the techniques and elements of a wide repertoire of academic writing, preparing them for secondary school writing and higher level coursework.

3. Debate Clearly

 Debate transforms young people into global people, from shy students into powerful speakers. It merges five essential skills: public speaking, critical thinking, logical analysis, world issue awareness and personal organization.