“All children deserve the chance to learn at the very best schools with the very best teachers.”


The Kelly Yang Project is deeply committed to promoting socioeconomic diversity in the classroom. We believe that all children deserve access to a high quality education, one which promotes creative and critical thinking. As such, KYP seeks outstanding students from all walks of life to attend and contribute to our program. We are very proud to offer full tuition scholarships for successful candidates from lower income families.

“All children deserve the chance to learn at the very best schools with the very best teachers. In order for education to function, it needs to be a meritocracy. Growing up in the US, I benefited tremendously from scholarships and financial aid. I was able to attend Harvard Law School because of Harvard’s generous scholarship and financial aid program. Financial aid is something the best schools in the West believe in. I believe the best schools in Hong Kong should too — starting with KYP.” — founder Kelly Yang.

Application Process

You must apply through your school. Each Hong Kong school can nominate five outstanding students age 8-14 from lower income families (with an annual household income of HKD$480,000 and less) to attend KYP’s live group classes at any one of our learning centres free of charge. Each nominee needs to fill out an application form, which includes a written essay. Finalists will be invited for an interview with a senior KYP teacher in March and successful candidates will be contacted in May.

Selection Process

Candidates will be assessed based on speaking and writing abilities (in English and Chinese), creativity, analytical skills, character, and whether we feel the student will benefit from KYP classes and the KYP community. The exact number of scholarships awarded will be assessed annually, and needs-based financial aid will be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

For More Information

If your school would like to nominate outstanding students from lower income families to KYP or would like more information, please contact us.