Alana Surowiec, Instructor & MUN Instructor

Alana Surowiec is an Instructor and KYP’s 2019-20 Model United Nations (MUN) Fellow. She is honours graduate of Johns Hopkins University (JHU), where she tripled majored in History, Archaeology and Italian. Notably, she was a member of the JHUMUN conference staff for four years, and thus brings with her a wealth of experience in organising MUN conferences and training MUN students.


Alana has significant research and writing experience. She was a tutor at the JHU Writing Center, where she worked with both undergraduate and graduate students to refine their research, writing, and editing skills. She has also interned at several archaeological sites in the United States and Europe and worked as an archival assistant at museums and universities.


Alana, who is KYP’s point person for MUN, can be reached at In addition to English, she speaks Italian.