Paul Smith, Managing Director

Paul Smith, Managing Director, holds a B.A. in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University. His international experience has been essential in the development of our globally-minded organisation, particularly in our flagship Global Thinking courses and the launch of our award-winning Model United Nations programme. Paul has been featured as a guest speaker at the American Chamber of Commerce and with Jumpstart Media, and he was a member of the American Chamber of Commerce’s Future Leaders Class of 2021. He has also been published in the South China Morning Post.

Before joining the Kelly Yang Project, he worked as a business development consultant for the media intelligence firm Meltwater and as an international recruiter for the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Paul was also a university exchange student in Paris, France; an intern with a youth health services NGO in Cape Town, South Africa; and a student of Mandarin Chinese in Jinan, China.

Paul’s experience in communications, marketing, sales, and education management has been essential in the growth of KYP and in the training of our dynamic, talented staff. For inquiries related to new partnerships, events, or KYP careers, please contact him at In addition to English, Paul speaks Mandarin and French.