Xiaoling Hu and Charles Li

Designation : Parents of Amy, Kevin and Christina Li

My 3 children have been with KYP since it’s early years. Now ages 19, 18 and 11, they have had both private lessons and group lessons at KYP over the years. KYP has played a very important role in augmenting their education, especially their writing and reading.  Whether through private lessons with Kelly or group lessons with various teachers, they have learned to read critically and write analytically. I especially like how the lessons are taught: to write an essay, the students will discuss various topics on hand and offer their own opinions.  They are encouraged to think independently before they start writing. This is where I find KYP is different from other centers or teachers: One of my children told me he had to produce an essay every class which improved his ability to think quickly, write quickly, and still be able to cover all the points he needs to make.

The teachers at KYP are young graduates from top universities who are still interested in their students’ worlds and open to their opinions.  They are approachable and patient with students. KYP is a small center compared with some other learning centers which gives it the advantage of having a sense of community. The teachers and students certainly have a better bonding relationship with each other.  In my youngest child’s words: the classes are fun and interesting too!

To me,  KYP does not differ from other learning centers as to what they teach but how they teach. It is their way of teaching that makes it stand out from others.