Education Services

English Enrichment Courses

A KYP education is centred upon the real-world skill your child needs most to succeed: flawless spoken and written communication in English. Schools are preoccupied with standardized testing and the allure of STEM subjects. KYP knows that the single most important skill your child can learn is to communicate effectively. We focus on critical thinking, writing training, and confident public speaking. We teach these skills through a global curriculum designed by a best-selling, award-winning author – and make it fun!

Private Classes : One-To-One Achieve

Only available at The Kelly Yang Project! One-to-one coaching with award-winning US published authors, Harvard & Yale graduates, Hollywood screenwriters, university professors, and admissions counsellors. We offer a network of world’s top expert in different fields, learn and excel with our One-To-One Achieve program anywhere, anytime.

Admissions Counseling

Our consultants over years of experience advising on admissions essays and interview prep. With an experienced eye for detail as well as the unique ability to connect and resonate with teenagers, they know instinctively how to motivate students. Our specialty is in helping students craft truly exceptional college admissions essays. They advise on all aspects of university and boarding school admissions, from school selection to essays and interview prep. Under KYP’s guidance, students have gained admission to Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, Yale, and other top schools around the world.