Frequently Asked Questions
1. How to choose the right course for my child?

Our signature courses are designed to help students develop their writing, critical thinking, public speaking, and debate skills. Some focus on one area while others focus on various of those skills. Please give us a call or send us an email, and our consultants will help you navigate through our different programs and help you choose the class that most fits your child’s learning goal(s). You can also start by exploring our English Enrichment Courses.

2. How do I enrol in your program?

After you have chosen a class and looked at our class schedule, please fill out our Online Registration Form. You will receive an email confirmation within two business days. Read more about our courses here or you can download our course catalogue here.


3. Can I sign up for a trial class?

We encourage new KYP students to attend a trial class if they want to get an idea of what a particular KYP class is like. We offer classes from Mondays through Sundays. To schedule a paid trial class, please give us a call at 2810-4822 or send us an email to contact@kellyyang.edu.hk.

1. 如何選擇合適的課程?



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3. 學生可以試堂嗎?