Lottery Winner

Ng King Hei

Creative Writing 

I have always dreamed about winning the lottery. If I won the lottery, I would spend the money on buying a private island and building a luxury mansion which is made of pure gold. Inside the mansion, there would be a private swimming pool, a private gym, roller coasters, and a hot spring. 

9 October 2020

I really like dogs, so I have 8 golden retrievers as pets. My dogs really like to watch Donald Duck cartoons, so if I won the lottery I would build dog houses with Donald Duck patterns for them. I would build a park for them with a trampoline, roller coaster, and a swimming pool, so they can have more exercise and fun. 

I would live right next to the seaside, so after having breakfast, I could take all my dogs to the beach for morning walks. To celebrate festivals, I would invite my friends and family to come to my island and have parties, especially on New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, and Halloween. If the sky is clear, I would go to the beach and set up a tent and a telescope. I would lie down on the soft sand and look at the stars. 

On top of all that, I would also buy a private jet to travel around the world with my family. 

Once, my uncle, Harry, bought a lottery ticket at the last minute. He came back home shouting excitedly, “I bought a lottery ticket! All of you, come and sit on the sofa and watch the lottery announcement on TVB’s afternoon news which’ll start in five minutes.”

My family all gathered on the sofa to wait for the lottery announcement, impatiently wiggling and giggling. It seemed to wait for an hour for this “5 mins”. Those five minutes seemed to last for an hour!

Finally, the news anchor reported, “Now is the time to announce the winning numbers of the lottery today…”

We chattered to each other, “Can we win the lottery? Can we win the lottery?” We were all sweating hard on our foreheads.

When the first ball was rolled out of the lottery drawing machines, my uncle checked the number and screamed, “Yeah!” When the second ball rolled out, my uncle screamed much louder, “Yeah!!!”. After several more ecstatic outbursts, each “Yeah!” getting more excited than the last, I heard a dejected voice mutter angrily, “NO! I almost won but the last number didn’t match!”

We all moaned and my uncle pulled out his hair, following down on the floor and crying joylessly,

Today, I heard the news that someone in our town won the lottery of $10 million! I couldn’t believe it: it was my super annoying friend Thomas who won!

Every day, he says that he hates people gambling about a million times, and that the money can be used in a much more useful way. But then, he gambled and won $10 million!

I wondered, “How would he spend the 100 million dollars?” I thought about my dream house made of gold and the paradise I would create for my dogs, but after he got the money, he just kept buying new clothes and jewellery and he bought a new racing car to show off.

What a waste!

I’m determined to win the lottery too, There is a Circle K store near my school, but the store and no vacancy for me at this time. Hence, everyday after school, I came to Circle K and begged that store manager to give me a part time job to earn more money to buy some lottery tickets.

One day, I got good news from the manager, “We have a vacancy for you to be the cashier. Are you free from 4:00pm to 6:00pm on every Wednesday and Friday?”

“Yes, of course!” I replied as quick as lightning. 

I worked like a dog for two whole months and earned $300. Finally. 

Next, I planned to make a lemonade store. I tried to make some lemonade, but at first it was absolutely disgusting. It was so revolting that I almost broke my toothbrush trying to scrub my mouth clean!

Then I added more sugar and poured in less water to improve that taste of my lemonade. I tried many different ways at many different times, but it was never successful. 

Once I added mint, the lemonade became tasty and more fresh. It made the bubbles pop in my mouth and settle happily in my belly. I immediately set up a lemonade stand in the front yard during the weekend. Everyone in the town appraised my lemonade and said it was very appetizing. I sold lemonade for three months and finally earned $500. 

Lastly, when I was on school vacation, I helped my neighbours take care of their cute little puppies when they were busy at work and when they went on holidays. I took them on morning walks, fed, and played with the,. 

It certainly wasn’t a hassle to look after the little pups, adorable as they were. They tumbled and tousled all day long, yipping in their tiny puppy voices. They licked all over my face and only peed on my shoes once, which I consider a huge success.

I ended up with $360 from Christmas break alone! I definitely have enough scraped together to hoard as many lottery tickets as I could.

Now I had enough money to buy tickets after doing all the hard work, so I excitedly raced down the street to 7-Eleven to buy as many tickets as I could get my hands on. 

When the cashier asked me, “Do you want to buy the printed numbers or choose your own numbers?” I was stumped!

I mumbled to myself, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Should I buy the printed numbers or should I choose my own numbers?” My brain was whirring into overdrive, thinking of the best option and the highest chance to win, so I ignored the other people in line and took my time. 

“Hey can you be faster? We have to buy things too!” someone in line shouted angrily.

“Year, he’s right!” another person in line agreed. 

“Ok,ok. I’ll try to be faster.” I replied hurriedly, but I still ended up holding up the line for at least another seven minutes. 

After a long time of thinking, I chose my own numbers. I carefully selected numbers 2,22,20,11 (especially because those are my birthday numbers), 16 (the floor Where I lived), and 8 (which meant getting rich in Catonese). I wished hard that all these numbers would bring me luck!

Hearing my cell phone buzzing in my bag, I saw the caller’s name on the screen. In two seconds flat I felt annoyed. It was my strange friend Bella who always thought she was an alien with super powers. I didn’t really want to answer the call as I hesitantly brought the phone to my ear and croaked, “Hello?”

“Are you at 7-11 now? Can you buy me a lottery ticket too? I’ll pay you back later,” Bella said cheerfully. 

I grit my teeth thinking, I earned money by doing many hours of hard chores!

I felt that Bella was not so trustworthy and too strange, so I didn’t think she would pay me back later, and I decided to not help her buy a lottery ticket.

“Sorry, I don’t have extra money to buy you a lottery ticket.” I rejected her and ended the call. 

When the time came to call the lottery numbers of that day, I found myself sitting on the sofa moving forwards and backwards as I just couldn’t sit still. I was breathing rapidly, my heart was pumping really fast, and my hands were sweating and clutching all the lottery tickets that might change my life. In the meantime, I was praying to God with the hope that he will help me win the lottery. 

As the numbers got called, I found myself hollering, “Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! What will be the last number?” All the numbers had matched mine so far! Just the last number to go…I didn’t want to end up like Uncle Harry, so I crossed my fingers tightly, praying for a final match. 

The TV presenter announced the last number and I felt my hands sweating even harder. I can’t believe it! I matched all the numbers! I won the lottery!

I was so shocked that I couldn’t move, like a rock, and couldn’t speak at all. I kept kissing my tickets. I started shouting my head off, yelling gibberish that definitely wasn’t English, and went running around the house with my hands stretched apart like an airplane!

I was so happy and couldn’t keep this a secret so I immediately gathered my family in the living room, and showed them my precious ticket.

I screamed, “I’ve won the lottery! I’ve won the lottery! We’re rich now! We can buy whatever we want now!”

“Is it true? If it is, then I would buy a new racing car right now!” my dad said excitedly.

Then my mom suddenly started slapping my dad right on his head and replied, “Don’t always just think  about buying cars! You should spend the money on more useful things, like Chanel handbags, makeup, lipsticks, and tasty food…” Her voice sounded dreamy, like she had been enchanted by the idea of an endless supply of expensive handbags.

“Those things are just for you to be more vain!” my dad whispered to himself.

“What did you say? Am I not pretty already?” my mom enquired with her eyes open wide/

“No, no, no, no, no, you’re very pretty,” my dad replied with a strange smile. 

Then I ran into my room telling my soft toys Snorlax, Gum Gum, and Eevee, which had a Vaporeon hat. Gym Gym was my favourite soft toy because it was a gold retriever with very smooth golden fur. 

“I won the lottery! I can buy more friends to play with you guys and you can have new clothes to wear! Isn’t it exciting?” I announced. 

I was too elated to stop with only my family and soft toys knowing, so I rushed next door to tell my best friend Jing also. Jing was so sleepy when he opened the door that he looked like a zombie grunting around the house. 

“I’ve won the lottery! My family is super rich now!” I exclaimed excitedly to Jing. 

After hearing my good news, he snapped brightly awake and immediately checked his calendar for when he was free. He gave me a big hug and said, “Congratulations! Are you free this Sunday?”

“Yes I am free on Sunday. I want to celebrate this happiness with you. I would like to treat you to a buffet lunch at SeaSide Hotel,” I replied. I could afford to buy all the food in the hotel, and probably the hotel itself, so it wasn’t even a big deal. 

“That’s good, then let’s have a party on Sunday at my house at night. I;ll call all our friends to come to the party too.” Jing said with a smile. 

“Thanks my dearest buddy!” I answered and patted him on the shoulder. 

When the HK News heard about my good fortune I was invited to do an interview with Stacey Winterberry. I was so excited, and didn’t know what to say in front of my idol. I saw Stacey’s face eerie morning while shoveling corn flakes in my mouth, telling me all about the news that day. Her calm voice, her silky hair, and her pearly smile were one of the best parts of my day, for sure. 

When Stacey came, she was wearing a yellow blouse and a green skirt with rose patterns and a pair of black glasses. She was also wearing a shiny diamond necklace and a butterfly pin on her chest. I felt my heart flutter in my chest like that butterfly, and suddenly felt very shy. 

I think my brain stopped working, because I don’t remember anything after that moment!

After the interview, everyone wanted a humongous piece of my money!

One woman wore some very old clothes with many holes in them. She also sat on the ground and had a bucket to hold money which was filled with clinking coins by the people passing by. She seemed like a beggar. 

This woman was very suspicious because she only sat in the street in the morning and at night no one in town knew where she went. 

One day, I walked past her and she asked me, “I am very poor and I can’t even afford to have a single meal. I have to eat rubbish like a raccoon! I also don’t have a house to live in, no place for my weary old bones to rest. Can you give me some money to buy a house and some food to eat? Please?”

“Give me three days to think about it, OK?” I said. 

I’m glad I did, because one night, I saw her coming out of a luxury mansion and wearing a fancy skirt! I realised that the old woman was just pretending she was a beggar, so I decided to ignore her. 

Then, Jing’s sister asked me to give her money to buy a limited edition of a My Little Pony soft toy. This soft toy was $1000! I thought this was definitely not worth buying. Imagine a dumb toy being so much money! I would expect it to actually fly, or be the size of a real pony, but it was just some silly special purple colour. I rejected her request swiftly. 

Lastly, my dad asked me to buy him a racing car even though my mom opposed. I secretly shared my dad’s desire to be a racer, so even though I felt bad keeping secrets from my mum, I still eagerly listened to his plan. 

“Let’s go to the motor company to pick your favourite car now!” I said excitedly to dad.

“Great! Let’s go now,” Dad replied and couldn’t wait. 

At the showhome, my dad chose a golden luxury racing car. It was faster than a speed racer on TV! The employee’s eyes bugged out of his head as we proudly declared that we’d purchase it right away.

After we bought our racing car, my dad immediately drove it into town. I informed my dad, “I bought you a secret card park too. You have to park your car here, so mom doesn’t know I bought you a car, OK?”

“Wonderful!” This is between me and you only,” my dad said, and we bumped fists as part of our pact of secrecy.

Do you remember my stupid, annoyting, alien friend Bella? Well, Bella was so jealous that I won the lottery that she told everyone in the town, “Hey, you know the lottery winner on the news? He helped me to buy the ticket. The winning ticket belongs to me, so I should be the winner instead of him!”

“Oh really? If that’s true, he should give all the money back to you!” one of Bella’s best friends, Penny sneered.

“Of course it’s true. Why would I lie to you!” Bella lied. 

People didn’t bother to clarify with me and started to trust Bella. They harassed me whenever they saw me. Some talked behind my back, while others ignored me. In school, my friends didn’t trust me either. They threw paper airplanes at me, teased me and they even told the teacher to punish me for stealing others’ lottery tickets. 

I felt devastated and I begged my mom to let me stay home to study so I wouldn’t have to go back to school and be hurt by them.

I hoped this would all go away, but sadly it didn’t and Bella kept spreading rumors to everyone in town. 

But on the happier side, there was a ceremony in my honour to hand the money over to me after two weeks. The organizer of the ceremony invited my favourite actor: Hubert Wu, who would hand over the money to me in the ceremony. I was so excited while receiving the check from my dearest idol Hubert Wu that I felt like a fizzy pop bottle about to explode!

He gave me a big hug and said “Congratulations!” to me. 

Then I went on stage and gave a speech, saying “I really thank the Circle K boss and my neighbours for giving me the chances to earn money to buy this winning lottery ticket. Big thanks to all of you!”

Now I had tons of money, I decided to travel around the world. I travelled with my private jet, so no one would bother me on the plane. Inside the jet, I employed four Michelin starred chefs who had each earned their title three times to cook worldwide signature foods for me in a luxury kitchen made of blinking crystals. 

Firstly, I went out and bought a golden luxury yacht with a swimming pool, a theater, and a few telescopes on the highest level of the yacht to look at the stars at night.

Then, I bought a jet blck luxury limousine. Inside the limousine there was a karaoke room, a wine bar, and comfy sofas. I also hired trustworthy drivers to drive the limousine for me. All of them are trained bodyguards and DJs too, so no one can attack me in the limo and steal my money and I also get to ride around listening to awesome tunes. 

For my final splurge, I bought a golden luxury racing car that could go as fast as I want. Inside the car, the seats, breaks, steering wheel and the wheels were all made with pure gold. The seats could lay down completely like a bed so I could sleep in the car, which was perfect for nights camping out under the stars with my dogs.

After buying all the luxury things, I still had buckets of money left! So I thought, “It would be too selfish to keep the money all to myself! What good deeds should I do with the money? I could donate money to charities to help people in need, buy food for homeless people, and donate money to children that can’t afford to go to school.” 

Satisfied, I quickly sent checks to many different charities. Some were to save the environment, others to feed starving children, and a few were to help create new medicines. I felt like I was on top of the world. Helping people was such a good feeling that I thought I might get addicted to it.

One day, I stopped inside a 7-Eleven and saw an offer for lottery tickets again! I thought, “Why not?” Then I bought some lottery tickets with my last $20 in my pocket. It was only one minute before the shop closed. It was just in time. 

I immediately went home to my yacht and waited for the caller to announce the lottery numbers. I felt so worried that I would waste my last $20 which I could have spent on four days of breakfast. When the caller announced the lottery numbers, I was sweating and dripping all over my face and holding my tickets very hard, almost crumpling it. 

How lucky I was, I won the lottery again! I couldn’t believe it! I won $100 million this time! Now I can do whatever I want to do again!

I immediately ran around that house and shouted with my right hand punching in the air, “Year, yeah! I’ve won the lottery twice now!”

I felt too excited and I went to tell the whole town without even thinking about it. Everyone was so shocked that I won the lottery twice in my life: once with $10 million and now with $100 million! I should have kept this good news to myself to avoid being annoyed by others in the coming few nights, but I just couldn’t help it.

I fell asleep very soon that night. Suddenly, at midnight, I heard some scraping sounds, like someone was trying to climb up the walls into my house. When I walked into the living room, I saw my annoying friend Bella, searching everywhere in my house. 

Clearly, she wanted to steal my $100 million winning lottery ticket. 

I enquired angrily, “Bella, what are you doing in my house so late? Get out now or else I will call the police to catch you!”

At once, I kicked her out of my house and locked my door and windows tightly. I couldn’t let anybody get in my house, so I made sure to lock all my valuables away, especially my winning lottery ticket, stashed in my safe. 

The next night, I heard an odd shuffling sound, like someone was digging a hole in my wall. I went to the living room again and saw my neighbour, Ping, and he was digging a hole into my house, wanting t o steal my winning lottery ticket too!

Once again, I kicked the intruder out of my house and filled the hole back in, staying awake the whole night. 

I felt so regretful that I shared my happiness with everyone in town. I decided that I must leave the town and migrate to Canada to start a new life there. 

I spent most of my winnings helping the people in need. I helped build schools, provide free education to the children in need, build elderly houses to take care of old people, and buy food for the homeless and low income families. I felt so blessed I could help those people in need with my lucky money.