Andrea Chen

Designation : Mother of Serena and Brandan Chen

The most attractive quality of KYP is the variety of the classes that are offered which are quite different from what we see in the market.   Although other centres also try to teach English, the topics discussed in KYP classes are very interesting as they may involve a current event or something trendy which children can relate to.  We also like the small classroom setting as the teachers can get to know each child’s ability and learning style. The teachers do not use traditional tutoring type of cramming style by stuffing children with vocabularies or problems to do.  Instead, they teach by engaging the children in discussions so they understand the meaning of the words or how they should approach their writing.  Both my children have been attending KYP since they were in 3rd grade.  Their writing and language arts grades have always been great in school.  The most important thing for my children is that they enjoy the classes and they continue reading and writing even outside of the class. Teachers are the most important assets for any teaching institution. The KYP teachers we have met have all shared similar goal with Kelly and their teaching styles and results reflect that they enjoy doing what they do.  The most important thing is our kids love them and are not afraid to ask questions or differ in opinion in class. We have recommended KYP numerous times in the past to friends and neighbors and many of them still have kids taking KYP classes now.