Clerebold & Kathy Chan

Designation : Parents of Ryan and Daphne Chan

Our son chooses KYP because the teachers there are really professional. They can not only increase my son’s vocabulary and improve his writing skills, but also they can train his communication skills. KYP’s many programs for both public speaking and writing have helped my son think and write with more details and power. KYP is not a center that will only force and stuff the things you have to learn into your mind. Instead, they will make you see so clearly about it that you understand. The teachers have the patience to help you with your problems and improve them bit by bit. I feel KYP is very effective in improving my son’s results in school. The teachers there are so kind and all of them have the willingness to help you improve. You really feel they care. The teaching style is not like other centers, where students just practice a lot without any point. At KYP, they really teach you how to learn and my son always wants to absorb the KYP material because it is so interesting. I would recommend KYP to people who want to see real improvement in writing, vocabulary and public speaking.